Rebecca (quebecca7) wrote in umphreaks,

Brendan and Jake Acoustic

I just got my tickets today and I am Jut a little excited. Anyone else going?
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Last years was amazing, it kills me that I won't be home from school in time this year!

Plus I love the Park West! It will no doubt be a fantastic show.
I have to rework my finals schedule, and hopefully I'll be able to go. I'd love to go, the Park West is my favorite venue in Chicago.
if you are talking about to the keller/umphrey's EXTAVAGANZA that will be on new years. i will be there. why wouldnt i be there. if you arent talking about that. your missing out. i went last year,by far the best night of my life

<3 breanne
No, its not the New Years show. Its Brendan and Jake doing an Acoustic show. They have done it as a benefit for the last 2 years.

I have seen Keller before, im not that big on him.

But about Park West...since its your favorite, could you describe it to me?
I plan on hitting this show up, but I'm not exactly sure what to expect.
Here are the setlists from the 2 previous shows. It may give you an idea what to expect.

12.18.03 - Bottom Lounge, Chicago, Illinois
solo acoustic - Brendan and Jake
One Set: Mediterranean Sundance > Crazy Train > In the Kitchen^*, Two of Us, Never Cease to Amaze^ > jam^ > Water^ > Kielbasa, Bullhead City^^, Baby's in Black, Lockspot$, Bron-Yr-Aur, Start Me Up tease, Can't Find My Way Home^, #Bad Poker, That's the Way^, ##The Crooked One^ > Anchor Drops^, Father & Son, ##I've Just Seen a Face$$
Encore: Luckenbach, Texas > Nopener
^ with Andy on percussion
* with Hang Up Your Hang Ups teases for Ryan
^^ with Elliot Peck along with Andy
$ with Karl Engleman on vocals; an Ali Baba's Tahini tune requested by Brendan
# with Slacker intro
## with Unskinny Bob tease
$$ with Karl Engleman on bango and a The Triple Wide tease before the song started
[In the Kitchen, The Crooked One, and Father & Son included lyrics about Joel; Two of Us, Baby in Back, and I've Just Seen a Face are Beatles songs; That's the Way is Led Zeppelin; Luckenbach, Texas is attributed to Emmons/Moman

12.14.04 - Schuba's, Chicago, Illinois
solo acoustic - Brendan and Jake
One Set: Resolution > Jam, In the Kitchen, That's the Way (Led Zeppelin), Never Cease to Amaze, Walletsworth^, Nemo^, Pequod^^, Women Wine and Song, "San Francisco Bay", I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles), Bad Poker, Bullhead City$, Helplessly Hoping$ (Crosby, Stills, and Nash), The Crooked One, Kielbasa Sausage (Tenacious D), Bell Bottom Blues (Derek and the Dominos), Trouble (Cat Stevens), Willin' (Little Feat), Roulette^
second annual Xmas Party; procedes benefited Keys 4 Kids charity
Jake and Brendan solo show, on acoustics
Andy was on percussion for most of the show
^ with Joel on vocals
^^ with Joel on "whale sounds"
$ with Elliott Peck on vocals