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Umphrey's McGee - Safety In Numbers - In Stores April 4, 2006

I know it's old news but...

Umphrey's McGee is proud to announce the release of their third studio album, Safety In Numbers - in stores nationwide on SCI Fidelity Records, April 4, 2006! Produced by UM and their long-time engineer Kevin Browning, and recorded in the band's hometown of Chicago, Illinois, Safety In Numbers features eleven amazing tracks, including many never-before-heard songs.

With special guest musicians Huey Lewis and Joshua Redman, and cover art from renowned album designer Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc.), Safety In Numbers represents the next step in the growth of Umphrey's McGee.

So, what do you think the songs on it will be?  I mean, other than the opening of the album which is confirmed to be Believe the Lie.
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