Sal Paradise (stuntedparadise) wrote in umphreaks,
Sal Paradise

Ticket prices

Umphrey's ticket prices lately have really been urking me. $60 for NYE was a bit sketchy, are they gonna keep raising thier ticket prices $10 every year? I don't really have too much a strong argument for that other than Phish NYE tickets didn't even cost that much (before they were playing arenas)
but thats not a big deal, I had no qualms about spending that for NYE, my real issue is this; They are playing the Chicago Theatre on March 10th, and they are charging $32.50! That's pricey, most of the times I've seen them has either been free or $15.
Where is this $10-$15 extra charge coming from? Those are without the ticketbastard surcharges. I'm now paying $40 to see Umphreys. grrrrrr.

Also it just dawned on me that they are playing here in chicago the same time as Langerado...and they are playing langerado too. Not that the decision is real hard, I mean if I go to langerado I get the benefit of not only seeing them, but everyone else too, but I also miss a rare performance at the Chicago Theatre, and that is one of the few venues in the chicago land area I have left to hit.

So yea...whats the deal with the ticket prices?
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