Sal Paradise (stuntedparadise) wrote in umphreaks,
Sal Paradise

Much needed.

Community has been dead for awhile, theres been much to talk about yet I haven't posted much. I'm working 2 jobs plus going to school full time, so I'm always busy and don't have as much time as I'd like. So, if anyone would like to co-mod with me (I plan to start becoming more active in here again, sprucing up the page design and posting more info or rumors on here pretty soon) shoot me an email.

In other news...well old news actually.

Halloween week I was shopping for my halloween costume at Ragstock (a thrift store) down on belmont ave. in chicago, and shopping there at the same time was Vince Irwinski (Umphrey's manager). He was buying his costume as well. I'm assuming it was for vegoose, I really wish I had stopped him and chatted with him briefly but oh well. He was buying himself a jailers costume. Fun stuff.

Has everyone seen the New years DVD yet? Lotsa memories flooded back, but some really good songs were cut out. Copyright issues I would think.

New years 2006 is creeping up on us pretty fast. Make sure to get your tickets (I'm one to speak. I still need to get mine)
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